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Oso Smooth Productions specializes in HD Audio & Video Production 


Audio Production:

Mixing Services

Prepare your next mix for mastering with added character, clarity, as well as optimal headroom & balance for mastering

Mastering Services

Take your next record to the next level with optimized dynamics, greater power and detail, improved stereo imaging & true peak level adjustment

Producer Services

Wondering why your previous projects sound like a collection of songs rather then a complete Album… With our producer service let us bring your vision together!

HD Instrumentals

Looking for exclusive high definition instrumentals for your next project? Oso Smooth Productions has you covered. Our exclusive instrumentals are sure to give your next project the unique and original sound you are looking for!

Video Production:

Video Shoots

Looking to promote your Music, Event, or Company. A high quality HD Video is a great way to showcase what you have to offer & extended your brands reach to a global audience!

Editing Services

Already have video footage but need someone to bring your vision together! With our editing services we’ll work with you to turn your raw footage into a visually stunning masterpiece!

Color Grading

Wondering why your video looks good but lacks that special something today industry videos have… With our color grading services give your video the unique look & feel you that will take it to the next level!

Full Videos

Looking to turn your vision into reality! With our full video production services we can help you from start to finish! Including coming up with a concept, locations, the shoot, editing & colour grading!

Instrumental Exclusives

Please click Contact for instrumental inquires



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